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Healthy Eating and Recycling

Healthy eating and Recycling

We are now having lunches as a class and not in the dinner hall. We are going to think about how we can make sure our lunches are healthy as well as think about what material we could use to put the food in that is recyclable so as not to contribute to pollution.

If you are in MoreThu, Sep 24, 2020
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Thank You

I’d just like to say thank you to all the parents and their wonderful children. Despite the unique circumstances, it’s been a special year and one which I will not forget. They are a very harmonious class, keen to learn and always with smiles on their faces. I will miss them all a lot!

As parents, you have also been MoreFri, Jul 17, 2020
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Party time!

Hello big little minds!

Just sharing some pictures of Friday’s party with you all. We had such a wonderful and fun time!

MoreMon, Oct 01, 2018
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