100 books you must read before you grow up

Rosendale’s 100 classic children’s books

There are lots of lists of ‘100 books you must read before you grow up’ – chosen by experts, authors, readers and children themselves.
At Rosendale, we have chosen our own 100 classic books, selected by the whole of Rosendale’s community: children, staff, parents, grandparents, friends and relations.

The 100 books include:

  • timeless classics of children’s literature that form part of our shared culture and language
  • old and contemporary classics
  • books of every genre
  • books from every continent
  • books that have won the major literary prizes for children’s writing
  • some of the public’s all-time favourites.

How the Book Club works

Children work their way through the 100 classic books during their time at Rosendale.

When they’ve read a book (or had the book read to them), they rate it (1 to 5 stars) and write a short review or comment on the book club website. The book then appears on their personal electronic bookshelf and a counter ticks over to show how many of the 100 books they’ve finished.

The website allows children to:

  • Track their progress – and follow the progress of their friends – through the 100 books
  • Read one another’s reviews and comments
  • Rank their current five favourite books for everyone to see.
  • Our aim is that children leave Rosendale with the gift of having read a timeless body of classic literature.