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Please visit the Rosendale Clean Air blog for the for latest updates on Clean Air Initiatives.

Clean Air for Rosendale

The Friends of Rosendale (PTA) have a subgroup – Rosendale PTA Clean Air group who are working to improve air pollution around the school.

Please visit the Rosendale Clean Air blog for the for latest updates on Clean Air Initiatives.

Air pollution around the school
Air pollution around Rosendale School is almost at illegal levels. It is over the recommended World Health Organisation guidelines for particulate matter pollutants (PM) and very close to the EU legal limit for pollutant nitrogen dioxide (NO2).

What does this mean for the school community?
There is known no safe level of exposure to these toxins and this is particularly the case for young children with developing bodies. Regular exposure to air pollution has been linked to respiratory problems, stunted lung growth in children, heart & lung disease and miscarriage. There is also evidence to suggest it reduces cognitive function in children.

What is causing air pollution?
Vehicle emissions are the leading cause of air pollution around the school.  Pollution that is created by the morning rush hour sits in the air all day, infiltrating the playground, school buildings & the children’s bodies. To reduce air pollution, we need to work as a community to reduce traffic around the school.

Active Travel to School 
The school are participants in the Transport for London Stars program which provides education and support to the school community to reduce the number of car journeys made to school and promote walking, cycling or scooting.  The school hope to be awarded a Bronze star in 2020/2021.

Public Health England – Air pollution

Health Matters guide to air pollution

How can parents help? 

Walk, cycle, scoot…don’t pollute!
We understand that it may not be practical for all families to walk or cycle to school every day. But we ask families to consider if they can make the switch for perhaps one on two days a week? And we are here to provide support – Rosendale Clean Air blog has resources to help start cycling with your family & there are plenty of family cyclists at Rosendale who would be happy to provide advice.  Even small reductions in pollution can make a difference to health impacts.

3 reasons to switch to active travel.

  • Cars give off air pollution that damages kids health.
  • Air pollution can be 3 times higher inside your car than outside it.
  • Car travel makes kids sluggish – exercise boosts learning and concentration

Park & Stride!
When you are driving to school try parking as far away from the school as you can so you don’t contribute to the air pollution around it – then walk the rest of the way!
This cuts down on pollution around the school and wakes kids up for the day ahead.

Turn Your Engine Off!
Idling is when drivers leave their engine running while their car is stationary. Perhaps it is cold, and you want the heating on? Or you need to charge your phone?  However please remember vehicle exhaust is toxic and harms the health of the children all around you. Please turn off your engine when stationary.

Get Involved!
Join our clean air WhatsApp group – keeping updated and spreading the word amongst parents takes no time and is invaluable in getting the message out. Please email to be added to the group.