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Made and Typed in Chinese by Teo, 5CV

This piece of writing was from Teo during lunch time. He made a very good paragraph of a friend of him. WELL DONE Teo.

我朋友叫Tom。他十岁。 他上五年级。他喜欢数学,地理和科学。Tom是意大利人。他爸爸工作。他妈妈也工作。他妈妈爸爸都是科学家。Tom一家住在伦敦。他们住在Herne Hill,他喜欢Herne Hill。他滑板车去公园和学校。他有一个弟弟,他叫Tim。Tom的头发不长,但是不短。他有大手和小脚, 他有很大的鼻子。

Translation: My friend is called Tom. He is 10 years old. He is in Year 5. He likes Maths, Geography and Science. Tom is Italian. His mum and dad both work. They are MoreTue, Jul 18, 2017
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About French and Mandarin at Rosendale

At Rosendale, all children learn a modern foreign language during curriculum time.  We have a two full-time Mandarin teachers, a Chinese teaching assistant and also a part-time French teacher.

In Key Stage 1, children learn both foreign languages in alternating years.  In Key Stage 2, children will learn one language for four consecutive years, allowing for progression and deeper understanding.

This year, 2016-17, Mandarin is taught in years 2, 4 and 5 every day.  Reception have a weekly Mandarin class.  Years 1, 3 and 6 have French lessons three times a week and nursery twice a week.
We have partner schools in China and France.

We can practise our French at home using the linguascope website.  Please make use of it for fun games, not only in French but also Spanish, German, Italian and Russian!  Children can practise Mandarin during lunch time or at home using the link

We celebrate Chinese New Year as a whole school and have a languages celebration day during the summer term.

Rosendale is one of only three schools in the country to be awarded Confucius Classroom Status by Hanban for the teaching of Chinese as a foreign language.   In December 2015 we were delighted to win the Confucius Classroom of the Year Award at the 10th Confucius Institute Conference in Shanghai.  We are the only school in the UK to have won the award.  This year we were awarded the International Schools Award by the British Council.

Download our French Curriculum

Download our Mandarin Curriculum