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Fantastic Art Day

We had a lovely morning creating with parents and a lovely afternoon painting portraits!!

MoreWed, May 02, 2018
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Year 1 Blogs

Help with our art from Elmgreen students .

This afternoon, some year 9 Elmgreen students came to help us put our practice portraits onto the final piece of paper. On Friday, we will be adding watercolour and then collage the following week.

MoreWed, May 02, 2018
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Year 2 Blogs

Water colour workshop

Yesterday we continued our Art Week learning with a watercolour mixing workshop. This was a brilliant opportunity for the children to experiment with skin tones and the finished pieces look fantastic. Thanks to all the parents who got arty with us in the morning, who knew drawing facial features could be so challenging!

See you tomorrow

MoreThu, May 03, 2018
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Year 3 Blogs

Roman Trip

Today we went to visit the Museum of London to learn about the Romans.

MoreWed, May 02, 2018
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Year 4 Blogs

PE 02.05.18

This morning we played a tag based game which tested our team working and strategy skills to the limit:

MoreWed, May 02, 2018
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Year 5 Blogs

Open morning 

Parents and carers came in to lend an artistic hand this morning.

MoreWed, May 02, 2018
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Year 6 Blogs

Five-minute portraits

We started yesterday morning by drawing a series of five-minute profile portraits of one another.

Click to view slideshow.

And here are the start of some of the portraits of our Year 5 buddies.

Click to view slideshow.

MoreThu, May 03, 2018
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In addition to all the class blogs listed above, the school has blogs covering most aspects of school life, for instance Mandarin, Music and Rosendale Radio. See ‘Useful Links’ on the sidebar to the right, for links to more blogs about school life.