Rosendale Primary School

Our school policies

Policies covering all aspects of school life can be downloaded from the list below, or paper copies are available on request from the school office. Our policies are reviewed and updated by the school Governors.  Download the Schedule of Policies


1. Admissions
1a. Mid Term Admissions Policy
2. Charging
3. Complaints
4. Data Protection Policy
4.a Images and Videos Parental Consent Form
4.b Student Privacy Policy
4.c Privacy Notice – Third Parties
4.d Privacy Notice – Prospective Applicants
4.e Privacy Notice – Members, Trustees and Governors
4.f Privacy Notice – Families and Students
4.g Privacy Notice – School Workforce

Teaching and Learning

5. Early Years Foundation Stage Policy
6. Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND)
7. Collective Worship
8. Sex and Relationship Education


9. Staff Appraisal and Capability
10. Lambeth Pay Policy
11. Staff Discipline
12. Allegations Against Staff
13. Schools Sickness and Leave Code

Health & Safety, Child Protection and Equalities

14. Health and Safety Booklet
14a Health and Safety Policy Statement
14b. Fire Evacuation Plan
15. Safeguarding and Child Protection
16. Whistleblowing
16a. Lambeth Council Whistleblowing Policy
17. E-Safety and Acceptable Use
18. Equalities
19. Preventing Extremism and Radicalisation
20. Notification of Personal Injury Claims using the Claims Portal


21. Behaviour
21a. Positive Handling
21. Exclusions
23. Policy on Harassment within the School Community
24. Attendance and Punctuality
24a. Absence From School Form