ReflectED is an approach to learning, developed by Rosendale Primary school, that teaches and develops children’s metacognition skills (learning how they learn). It supports and improves attainment, especially amongst disadvantaged pupils, and aims to help learners of all backgrounds develop the tools to make excellent progress in their learning and fulfil their potential.

ReflectED teaches children the skills of reflection and how to record their learning moments and strategies. Teachers can also look across these reflections to understand what pupils are enjoying or struggling with, and identify specific pupil needs.

Evidence suggests the metacognitive skills children develop through ReflectED will significantly enhance their learning.

How does it work?
Pupils receive a weekly ReflectED (metacognition) lesson, following a series of lesson plans developed by Rosendale teachers.  Throughout the week, pupils have a chance to reflect on their learning and record those reflections.
Support for teachers
Teachers can access to a wide range of supporting materials on the ReflectED website, including films and downloads.
Face to face training is available to schools who are new to ReflectED and want additional support.  Contact Rosendale Primary School to find out more.

More information is available on the ReflectED website.