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Syncing this calendar with your own Google Calendar

If you have your own Google Calendar, you can subscribe to the Rosendale events calendar so that school events pop up in your own calendar as we add them.

To do this, go to your own Google Calendar page, and follow these instructions.  The Rosendale calendar ‘iCal’ address (which you’ll need in order to subscribe to the calendar) is

Subscribing to this calendar on your mobile, or using other applications

You can also access this calendar from your mobile device, or merge it with your Outlook calendar and other applications.  Browse Google Calendar ‘help’ to find out how.


Coming Up

    • School is closed - Premises are being used as a polling station
      12:00 am - Thu, 03 May
      Thu, 03 May - 11:59 pm
    • School is closed
      12:00 am - Thu, 03 May
      Thu, 03 May - 11:59 pm
    • Class 1OD Assembly
      8:30 am - Fri, 04 May
      Fri, 04 May - 9:00 am
    • Bank Holiday Monday - School is closed
      12:00 am - Mon, 07 May
      Mon, 07 May - 11:59 pm
    • Class RKG Assembly
      8:30 am - Fri, 11 May
      Fri, 11 May - 9:00 am