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Is context king in school improvement?

For teachers, context is king. How can we understand the challenges of any one school until we have actually taught there? It might be true that nothing can substitute for teaching a lesson on the ground, but it’s all too easy to forget that there are more similarities between schools than there are differences, and there are plenty of ways MoreTue, Apr 24, 2018
Source Rosendale Research School

Rosendale Primary School is London’s only Research School. Our work will focus on evidence-based strategies to tackle some of the major challenges in our education system.  These will include:

  • Ensuring that school leaders adopt research informed, long term approaches to securing achievement for all.
  • Using evidence based strategies and activities to maximise the impact of the Pupil Premium.
  • Considering what research tell us about adapting the learning environment to maximise achievement.
  • Adopt evidence based strategies to improve outcomes for pupils with English as an additional language.
  • We will be providing professional development for teachers and leaders, to include lesson study and effective feedback. We will also run innovation activities which will focus on tackling language poverty in Early Years.

At the heart of our work will be a theme of sustainability. We will provide schools with robust self evaluation tools, guidance, professional development and impact evaluation. We aim to empower our partner schools to take an evidence-based approach to improvement. As part of this, we will challenge entrenched practices which set limits on pupil achievement – such as labeling, setting and streaming and poor deployment of Teaching Assitants.

Our Research School will build on our established national and international networks – which includes a strong track record of working with expert practitioners, researchers and HEIs. Rosendale School has a strong track record of working with schools across the country, including those in opportunity areas and deprived communities.

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