How to apply - Rosendale Primary School

Admission Policy and Procedure

Applications for a school place are made directly to the local authority in which you live.

Once you have applied for a school place the waiting list is held and managed by Lambeth Authority.  To speak to the Lambeth Admissions team, or to find out where you are on the waiting list, please call 0207 926 9503.

Rosendale Nursery

Places in the Nursery are allocated to children who have siblings in the school and then to those who live nearest to the school or who have social and special needs.

Children in the Nursery are not automatically allocated places in Reception.  Applications for Nursery places should be made directly to the school by completing an application form.  The Nursery class of 3 & 4 year olds now offers 15 hours free government entitlement, and additional hours payable by parent/carer.  Application forms can be downloaded (see below), or obtained direct from the school on receipt of a stamped addressed envelope.

Download nursery application form

Starting Reception

Children enter the main school in September in the school year in which they are five.  Applications for a Reception place are made directly through your Local Authority.

You can apply online or complete a Common Application Form (CAF).  Completed forms must be returned to your local authority by 15 January.

If there are more applicants than places available, then the LA admissions criteria is used to allocate the places.  Priority is given as follows:

1. Children having a brother or sister already attending the school at the time of admission

2. Where there are important medical or family circumstances

3. Nearness to the school – the distance being the shortest straight line

If the school is unable to offer a child a place, parents and carers have the right to an Appeals Committee. The School Office can provide details of this.