Welcome to the Great North Wood Education Trust.

Key information can be found on the Great North Wood Education Trust website.  Here you can find information relating to Trust Members, Trust Board, Trust Policies, Articles and the Funding Agreement.

Great North Wood Education Trust News

Here you can find a a link to the first edition of the Great North Wood Education Trust News, a termly bulletin that reflects on some of the exciting things that have been going on in the Trust in the Autumn Term.  You can download the first edition below.

Great North Wood Education Trust Bulletin – Autumn 2018.

The Trust was formed on 1 May 2017 with two schools;
The Elmgreen School
Rosendale Primary School

The Great North Wood Education Trust will:

  • Provide an outstanding, inclusive, non-selective education.
  • Value and encourage parents’ engagement in their child’s education and school life through the promotion of the three-way partnership between school, pupil and home.
  • Deliver the best evidence-based education, drawing on local, national and international practice.
  • Enable all pupils to be active participants in their own learningPrepare pupils to be responsible citizens with a lifelong love of learning.
  • Foster a happy, friendly, co-operative spirit in which all individuals value and look after each other and the community.
  • Deliver an innovative curriculum which provides a seamless transition from ages 0 to 19.
  • Provide an education that enables every child, regardless of circumstances, to fully achieve their potential

Rosendale Primary School conversion into a Multi Academy Trust (MAT) with Elmgreen School

On Monday 1 May 2017 Rosendale and Elmgreen School will be converting to academy status and forming a Multi Academy Trust called the Great North Wood Education Trust.  Please see
letter that was sent home to all Rosendale and Elmgreen parents and carers on Friday 28 April 2017.

On Tuesday 20 September 2016 the Rosendale Governing Body voted in favour of converting to an academy and forming a Multi Academy Trust (MAT) with Elmgreen School. Once the due diligence was completed the Rosendale governors voted in favour of the conversion by a clear majority.

Download the minutes from the Rosendale Governing Body Meeting on 20 September 2016

On the 21 September 2016 the governing body of The Elmgreen School, after considering the responses to the consultation, voted unanimously to convert to academy status and form a Multi Academy Trust with Rosendale Primary School. The governors at Rosendale Primary School have also voted to proceed with the formation of a Multi Academy Trust with The Elmgreen School.

Following on from those decisions a Steering Group has been formed with representatives of both governing bodies and the Parent Promoters Foundation.  This group will make key decisions about ethos, the members and trustees.

Minutes of theses meetings can be viewed by clicking on the date of the meeting below.

Minutes from the first meeting on 28 October 2016

Minutes from the 2nd and 3rd meeting on 2 November 2016

Minutes from the 4th meeting on 23 November 2016

Minutes from the 5th meeting on 2 December 2016


Supporting documents:

1. Letter from Miss Atkins following the parent consultation meetings.

2. Response to frequently asked questions at following the parent consultation meetings. 

3. Rosendale and Elmgreen Multi Academy Trust Draft Business Plan.

4. Three Year Projections

4a. Notes to accompany Financial Projections

5. Academisation Risk Register Rosendale – Register

5a. Academisation Risk Register Rosendale – Descriptors